Section 10

Next Steps

This first iteration of the Integrated toolkit has been produced as a working document for both commissioners and providers and will be subject to testing and further refinement over the coming 12 months.

In order to test and refine the content of the toolkit, NHS England East Anglia, in partnership with the local NHS & LA Commissioning group, will be undertaking a total of three individual pilots between April and September 2014.

The proposed pilots will focus on:

  • The antenatal/early new birth period and the interface between midwifery services and health visiting.
  • The assessment for/ and delivery of services for maternal mental health.
  • The development of integrated service outcomes and key performance indicators.

On completion of the pilots, each will produce a detailed report including amended guidance and recommendations which will be incorporated into a revised version of an ‘Integrated Commissioning & Delivery Toolkit’