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Parenting Support

The following pathway should not be read as stand-alone and MUST be read in conjunction with Section 3: Pathways.

  • This pathway emphasises the importance of parenting on the life chances of the child achieving their full potential and promotes partnership working to deliver the best outcomes.

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All Ages

All Ages

Need to be carried out for each family when parenting support is a recognised need.

Additional Assessment Visit

Promote appropriate parental expectations including positive reinforcement.

Provide targeted support visits or parenting programs; Targeted Support Visits using the Solihull Approach.

Health Visiting

The assessment visit will:

  • Establish what parent’s individual support needs are and the development of an action plan with full support of both parents where possible;
  • Work in partnership with families to develop problem-solving skills combining home visiting, peer support (e.g. Parents First - “Community Mother’s” therapy support programme), life skills training and integration within social networks.

In line with the care plan refer to a range of appropriate services e.g.

  • Housing for particular safety issues if in social or rental housing
  • For parents in conflict to services such as Relate
  • Parents Under Pressure – NSPCC programme
  • Fathers who have perpetrated domestic abuse to targeted parenting programs – e.g. Caring Dad’s group or individual work with perpetrators.
  • Other local initiatives to address individual family need.

Targeted support needs to encompass where appropriate;

  • Observation and discussions on the ability to care for the baby/child, emotional availability of the child,
  • Support regarding routine and coping with tiredness
  • Exploration of coping mechanisms and social support.
  • Health Promotion advice - Promote healthy nutrition to reduce the risk of childhood obesity, support with planning and cooking meals, managing a budget.
  • Advice regarding correct use of basic safety equipment and facilitating access to local schemes for the provision of safety equipment. Information about thermal injuries.
  • Education regarding effective parenting within a safe and nurturing environment.
  • Support that focuses on older children and siblings.
  • Provision of additional support according to need identified. For example: to promote good sleeping patterns; intensive support on routines and understanding infant behaviour.
  • Introduction of use of media tools e.g. social baby to promote sensitive, attuned parenting on an individual basis.
  • Provision of walk to door for Postnatal Health Promotion Group.


Support delivery of multidisciplinary post-natal support groups.

Maternal Mental Health

Targeted intervention programs or local attachment therapeutic groups via local Primary Infant Mental Health Services.

Primary Care & GP

All Ages

Core Purpose 2

Address individual needs of the family Promote positive bonding.

Access for hard to reach families.

Reduce risk of/actual child abuse/neglect.

Childrens Centres & EYFS

Family Support Worker provision - the service provision is needs led and encompasses issues such as:

  • Promoting positive bonding -use of tools such as Brazelton NBO
  • Facilitate access to health education focussing on baby feeding, weaning and wider nutritional issues
  • Targeted one:one infant massage – home based (where appropriate)
  • Support to access appropriate groups/specialist groups
  • Support in Domestic Abuse
  • Liaison with other agencies and communicate effectively and share information

Targeted interventions such as Solihull Parenting Groups. Delivery of Mellow Parents programme.

Signpost to appropriate groups and liaison – communicate and share information.

All Ages

Core Purpose 2, 3

Targeted support which promote parenting skills to reflect local demographic data and need e.g. teenage parents/travellers/BME programme.

Access for hard to reach families.

Childrens Centres & EYFS

Targeted groups sessions to reflect local demographic need.

Needs led service encompasses issues such:

  • Promoting positive bonding and parenting skills and practice
  • Support to parents and families regarding age appropriate behaviour

Support to access appropriate groups/specialist groups.

Liaison with other agencies and communicate effectively and share information.

All Ages

Provision of additional support.

Health Visiting

Consider referral to parenting support groups:

  • Incredible years (Webster Stratton)
  • Locally commissioned groups delivered by other agencies

All Ages

Core Purpose 2, 3

Information & advice

Childrens Centres & EYFS

Information, advice and guidance on child care opportunities.

Support parents in the selection and application process for child care particularly those eligible for free child care at 2 years.